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The Rails Bookmakers Association is the representative body for those bookmakers who operate from the members rail on British Racecourses.

The Association is proactive in both the political and legal spheres, enabling it to maintain the status and prestige that has long been associated with membership.

In 2003 we, along with the NAB and ARB, were founding members of the Federation of Racecourse Bookmakers, an association formed at the behest of government, to submit and foster those issues common to our industry and our input has been pivotal in acheiving the establishment of Copyright, a fairer Levy Scheme, reduced NJPC contributions.

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"Our strength is in our solidarity"

Ever mindful of the need to adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing industry, our representation on the Administration of Gambling on Tracks and Local Joint Pitch Council offers our representatives the opportunity to pursue the principle aims and objectives of members and affords us the opportunity of building stronger links with those sections of the industry who historically, through a lack of understanding, have failed to grasp the complexities surrounding our part of the industry.

Our strength derives from our diversity of membership, from small independents, leading independents and those public companies with both on and off course and internet estates. Any bookmaker who bets on the rails should make membership a priority.

17th May 2021

Important Message for All Bookmakers : Opting In and Out

As you are aware, all bookmakers are required to comply with an ‘Opt-In’ process to bet at racecourses during the period from 17th May to 20thJune. Please note that all bookmakers who have opted in will be expected to attend, as a failure to attend will prevent the next bookmaker on the list from trading. Any bookmaker who fails to Opt-Out - having previously Opted In – risks sanctions under Special Conditions E if there is no reasonable excuse for non-attendance.

For Rule 4, we will go with the industry Rule 4 for at least the 5 weeks from 17th May to 20th June. As before, the BRM will confirm the details with the PA rep as quickly as possible and relay the R4 message to the Broadcast Office asap. Where practical/possible, the BRM will also let the on-course bookmakers know the Rule 4 deduction.

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